Sapa witnesses thick ice snow

The cold in Lao Cai province reached below zero degree, so the area of O Quy Ho Pass and Y Ty ward of Bat Xat districts have witnessed thick snow.

Due to the extending cold weather, Lao Cai’s temperature decreased and the weather is damaging cold. Ngoc Sang, a visitor is currently in Sapa, said he saw the snow in O Quy Ho pass. After that, it is heavier in noon and afternoon before spreading the snow to the around.

Sapa witnesses thick ice snowThe sight is also seen in many other high mountainous areas in Lao Cai such as Y Ty (Bat Xat district), Ta Ngai Cho, Cao Son (Muong Khuong district). The thick snow in Y Ty (at an altitude of 2000m. Especially, local people in Nhiu Co San reported the thickness of 30cm snow, which is many times more than Sapa. The temperature of this area has reached -2­­­­­oC. Since 11:00 a.m  in 15 December, the snow has covered all the villages and forest.

This is the first snow in Sapa in 2013 – 2014.

A lot of visitors take this advantage to take pictures. The hotels and motels in Sapa reported the full booking since Saturday. All the ways lead to Sapa are long lines of cars. Since the weather forecast said that is more and more snows in the days to come.

The snows make the local cattle die easier. According to the director of hydro-meteorology center of Lao Cai, it is much likely one more cold area come to Lao Cai in 16 December night to make it colder. This is the cold with hard intensity.

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