Pristine Con Dao

As a still pristine places, Con Dao attracts visitors to the sunny beaches in the long run that by  featured of the island Malabar almond trees.The activities on the island will attract visitors such as fishing, squid fishing, scuba diving, cano driving, frolic with dolphins or watching turtles lay their eggs at night …

Pristine Con DaoCon Dao Island is also where there is the largest nature reserve in Vietnam. Not only the rich flora, there is also lot of rare animals such as the black squirrel, squirrel ebony, swallow sea… Meanwhile, the long stretch of sandy beach on the island is inhabited by thousands of sea turtles  entering the breeding season. Not only infatuated with the flora and fauna in the forest, visitors are taken aback by the beauty of the marine ecosystem here. Be endowed by nature, keep in Con Dao sea coral reefs with colorful unique shape, vivid as the fish are swimming around more freely.

Con Dao is also the land of the evidence marked a glorious period of the nation as Con Dao prison, Hang Duong cemetery… Con Dao, tourists feel like you are return home with gentle human and hospitable. Con Dao is really an ideal vacation paradise for your holiday

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