5 Particularly Interesting Facts about Son Doong Cave

Being acknowledged as the biggest cave in the world. Hang Son Doong in Quang Binh province contains many mystery that cannot be found by scientists. This is also a destination which needs $3000 to reach, and visitors still urge to pay though they have to queue until 2016.

1. Found in a rainy day

In 1991, Mr. Ho Khanh, a local man found the Hang Son Doong accidentally when he shuns in the cave to shelter from the rain. For a while until 2009, the British Royal Cave Research Association (BRCRA) came and research the area, Ho Khanh announced them.

It was really difficult for him to relocate the cave entrance which is deep in the jungle. It was rough in terrain, far from the main street and cannot be seen with Google Earth.

Under his guiding, the research group came deep into the cave and take measurements to collect scientific data. Ho Khanh said: “coming into the entrance, you can feel a strong wind from the inside, the wind wailed on the rocks to feel his blood’s freeze.

2. Room for a 40-storey-building

Hang Son Doong is 150m wide, 200m tall, at least 15km long. The actual length of the cave is much more than the fact to be known by scientists. However, the researchers of BRCRA could not move till the end of the cave due to the limited technical conditions.

Nevertheless, with the current acknowledged size, Son Doong exceeds Deer cave in Gunung Mulu national park in Malaysia to become the natural biggest cave in the world.

Besides, some parts in Son Doong could be measured at 140 m x 140 m with the stalactite of 14m high. Photographer Carsten Peter took a picture of the part that has the size of 91.44m wide, 243.84m tall, which means a 40 storey building can fit in that.

3. Forming 5 million years ago

According to the scientific materials, hang Son Doong was formed when a river flew through a karst land along a Fault. After million years, the water eroded the land and formed a giant underground tunnel. In the soft rock areas, the ceiling fell down and created the holes and big cave ceilings.

4. Plentiful fauna and flora systems

Due to the falling down of the ceiling, there is a green forest inside the cave. The forest is named Eden. This is the shelters of monkeys and crows. There are many kinds of ferns, palm, and lianas from the inside and outside.

The ancient lakes, waterfall, and rivers create the plentiful flora mats. Especially, the researchers also found the pearls made during the drops of water.

5. Why it is limited to let the visitors to Son Doong

It is because of the protection of landscape and environment. The mystery of fauna and flora inside the cave is still not being found out. Therefore, Hang Son Doong welcomes the discovers and biographers first and foremost.