Dambri waterfall among the green woods

18km from Bao Lac city of Lam Dong province, the biggest waterfall of central highland of Vietnam with the name “waiting” has been rushing in noisily.

In order to visit Dambri, visitors need to pass the long road under the blue sky of central highland. Dambri waterfall is located in the area of Dambri tourism zone with the area of 1000 hectares.

From the gate of the area, you can hear the sound of the severe stream. Go along the bushy shade of trees, we can begin to walk down to the waterfall ground. The way is covered with mosses and you need to be careful to avoid slippery. Passing some turning point, until you feel tired to have a rest, the waterfall appears from the screen of fine rain with many wet weeds and trees.

Dambri waterfall falls vertically from the height of 70m like the smooth hair silky hair of the wood. There is a small bridge under the fall across the stone cape. Crossing the bridge, you will be in the middle of small gentle rain. The waterfall flows with millions of water drops to form the nonstop rain around the fall. Everything seems to be more lively green in the cool water.

The K’ho ethnic people in Lam Dong said that Dambri waterfall contains a love history in it. Legend has it that the waterfall was flowing  was the place where the K’ho girl sit and crying and waiting for her lover after the unreasonable split up. Many years have gone, she still crys but the lover is still in the middle of nowhere. Her tears lie stagnant to be the Dambri fall, which means “waiting” in K’ho language.

You can also visit the small café above the bridge to rest, where you can see the whole waterfall and the tiny bush of wild flowers along the stones. You can also continue to visit by coming upstream or taking the lift to the fall. The lift is made with transparent glass for the visitors who like to visit the whole waterfall but they could not afford in health.

There are also Monkey Island, Chau Ma ethnic village, Di Da pagoda in the tourism zone. These are also interesting places to visit in a weekend day.