Hoi An is voted to be “Asia landscape city 2013”

Hoi An is continued to be highly recognized with the title “Asia landscape city 2013”, according to the UN Habitat.

Mr. Le Van Giang, people’s committee of Hoi An president said that UN Habitat informed about the title for Hoi An to take the reward in Japan last November.

According to Mr. Giang, UN Habitat votes for one city each year for this title. The criteria for this title includes environment landscape, sustainable urban development attaching to daily lives, pure air, etc.

According to organizer’s requirement, Hoi An has sent the profile and related materials to UN Habitat since March 2013. The research group of UN Habitat came to Hoi An last September and highly rated the living quality and development of Hoi An.

This is the third title in 2013 of Hoi An. In the past, according to the questionnaire of Conde Nast Traveler magazine, Hoi An is just after Kyoto in the list of the most favorite destinations in Asia. Hufflington Post magazine also listed Hoi An one of seven attracted destinations of Vietnam, along with Hanoi, Halong, Danang, Nha Trang, Ho Chi Minh city and Mekong Delta.