Hue Field Trip and Personal Perception

Last New Year holiday, I and my colleague have a field trip in Hue city, the best part of Vietnam to explore the emperor and royal tradition and culture. And it was such an amazing field trip.

Catching the SE1 train from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh city, we spent about 12 hours on a timber soft berth air conditioned cabin to reach Hue railway station. And it a start for a memorable journey. From the train, we get to the small hotel near Huong River (Perfume River) to check in and take a short rest. The nice weather of the New Year and the tranquil of the city were perfect for the recreational vacation. That’s why we did not feel tired after a long night train and could be able to join in the city tour right after that.

The private car we have ordered beforehand took to the Minh Mang tomb, the biggest tomb among the ones we had in our city tour. That was fantastic to see the architecture and nature that are combined to create the resting place for the king.

Coming to the second tomb, we were more impressed by the decoration and the interior architect of Khai Dinh tomb. That tomb took the king 11 years out of his 13 years on the throne. And that marks one of the best architecture monuments of Vietnam ancient architect.

The trips continued with Tu Duc and Thien Mu pagoda, which were also fantastic and required much words to describe.

In the late afternoon, we were taken to one of the best restaurant in Hue – Biet Phu Thao Nhi, and it was surprised that they food was so nice with fair price. And all of us were satisfied with that.

We spent the rest of our day explore the Hue by night by ourselves. And as normal, we spent most of the time discovering the specialties of Hue which are cakes and rice cakes. It could be a big pity for those who come to Hue without tasting Banh Khoai, Banh Nam, Banh Bot Loc, Bun Bo Hue (Hue beef noodle), etc. Those are totally made from rice and tasted fresh. Moreover, it is quite cheap compared with other cities’ specialties.

And that is our first day in Hue. For the second day, we have a short trip to visit the Purple Forbidden city with the vast area and much time required, we have gained a lot of knowledge about the city and the former emperors of Vietnam.

On the second night, we had to catch our train back to Hanoi, which left so many uncovered places and that urged us another visit to this ancient city.

Writen by Tony Truong – iGrandtour