Localities benefiting from the influx of tourists

According to a travel compan, this firm served more that 34,000 inbound tourists, 25% more than last year, from the first to the ninth day of Tet. The number of tourists booking tours to foreign countries, especially Southeast Asia nations, suddenly accelerated in the last minute. There were about 2,000 inbound tourists and over 2,100 outbound ones in the busiest days.

Lien Bang Travelink also confirmed that their outbound tours increased about 20% compared with the previous Tet, while inbound tours only raised 12%. As for Saigontourist Travel Service Company, the number of Vietnamese tourist traveling internally and externally increased 30% and over 50% respectively.

Other travel firms said that the outbound tour growth rate was higher than inbound ones, yet the total number of inbound tours still dominates.

Besides, many families decided to travel in the self-sufficient way to nearby areas in order to minimize the expenditure. Khanh Chi, living in Bien Hoa city, said that she together with other six members of her family took a two day trip to Vung Tau – Long Hai. The trip was a great pleasure for them and it only cost 10 million dongs. Chi’s family was not the only family to choose this kind of traveling. According to Ho May tourist area management, 60% of 30,000 tourists came with their families in the self-sufficient way.

Although travel firms in HCMC and Hanoi had stopped accepting new bookings of Nha Trang tours very early due to the massive numbers, the high number of tourists traveling on their own still made all beaches there overcrowded, especially from the third to the seventh day of Tet.