Lotus Lake, fairyland between the slopes of sand

Lotus lake (or White Lake) consists of two large and small lakes called Mr Lake and Ms Lake located next to each other, surrounded  by white sand dunes smooth. Standing from looking down, will admire the immense blue swamp, stunning stretched. Lotus lake located between the vast white sand beach, is a large lake sparkling under the bright sun, the pink lotus flickers,  due to natural freshwater lake geological structure of the semi-desert areas created.  Lotus lake is providing   the fresh water supply for the surrounding residents. In the summer, lotus blossomed covered over the water.

That is reason  the White lake called Lotus lake. This is a freshwater lake located between the vast sandy hills, around the lotus grows creating shimmering picture wearing, magic. As below in cool aqua water, a variety of live freshwater fish, particularly species of grass carp. You can rent boats of fishermen along the promenade, walking on the sand slopes of, sightseeing or fishing on the lake in the small hut. If you like bath here, water is transparent water, cool and clean. Next to it is a cool half pine forests, we may located a hammock, leisure the winds under the foliage. Feeling stronger running game slip sand or terrain vehicles drive sandy on the fun.

Sometimes,  you  will meet many newly married couples honeymoon enlist Lotus lake had wedding photography album. where it is rare to be given to many beautiful scenes. Binh Thuan is a tourist destination of the tourists, especially who love photography.