Night market in Luang Prabang

The crowded and busy market is the centre of many handicraft products from all over Laos.

The market opens from 17:00 to 22:00 everyday. It runs along the Sisavangvong street, from Royal Palace Museum. Every evening, the 1-km-long street is restricted from vehicles, and it becomes a waling street for shopping and gathering named Luang Prabang night market.

Luang Prabang night market has more than 300 suppliers of handicrafts made by locals. Besides, there are many other products sold in the stalls such as garment, textile, ceramic, painting, coffee, tea, shoes, even rare spices.

There are many interesting products in here, which you cannot find in anywhere else. And a special thing is their prices are all cheap. The sellers offer quite low price; so if you are not a good bargainer, you can be sure than you have a good price. However, you still can bargain, just you cannot expect a large discount.

For the shopaholics, it is interesting to know that they are helping the locals by spending money. By buying the products from this market, you are not only helping the local to earn their livings, but you also help them to develop their producing skills and improve their poverty.

For the travelers who do not interested in shopping, they can wonder around the market, talk to the sellers. This can enrich your knowledge about this country. The people often interested in the fact that the sellers do not ask with insistent or force customers to buy. If you like to ask something about products, the sellers are happy to answer. They can speak a little bit of English.

One thing that people can easily found out, that there are lots of T-shits, paintings that have symbols of Luang Prabang. Besides, the foods here are also inviting. If you like to try, you can choose many dishes that suit your taste: from BBQ chicken to vegetarian buffets, etc.

Crossing over the stalls of Luang Prabang night market, you can be greeted by many travelers enjoying this interesting experience.