Nine nice facts to visit Hue citadel

1. The most intact imperial palace in Vietnam

If you have had a chance to be in Hoa Lu ancient citadel in Ninh Binh northen province, Co Loa & Thang Long citadel in Hanoi, which are the former imperial cities in Vietnam. Those are now ruin. But Hue complex is still preserved in a most intact way. Hue also contains peaceful and quiet beauty in it with the system of palaces, bastions, tombs, pagodas and garden houses.

Visitors will see the masterpiece of palace, sparkling tombs and quiet landscape. Besides, Hue is also less crowded than other destinations, which interest visitors who like to find a tranquil but not sorrow place.

2. Military architect project

Hue citadel was built in Gia Long and Minh Mang regimes. It is located in the north of Huong river with the front faces South. Hue citadel is the unique combination between the traditional architect, Orient yin yang theory and the western military architect features.

3. Most unique empire’s tombs

Nguyen’s dynasties’ tombs follow the Fengshui rules like: river, mountain, pond, springs. Every tombs have two parts. The burry area and the temples and communal houses. Therefore, each tomb is not only a cultural and historical vestige but also a landscape, an artificial flower in the mountain land of Hue.

4. The most precious system of palace treasure still preserved

Located in the forbidden citadel, Museum of Hue palace antiques was established in 1923 with former name is Musee’ Khai Dinh. Then its name was changed five times and the current one was set since 1993.

In this museum, you will see and know about thousands of antiques of different materials: ceramics, woods, bronze, stones, etc.

5. Successful restoring some beautiful court festival

The Hue court festivals was national festivals hold by court. Today, visitors will have a chance to view some of the festivals.

6. Court music

Hue court music is one of the unique features which is acknowledged as intangible heritage of UNESCO. This is the only traditional orient music that is still preserved in this area. Visitors could see the talents of Hue with the instruments of meticulous making.

7. Palace night

In each festival, the ancient citadel of Hue are light up with sparkling lights. From Ngo Mon to the main gate. Those are the retracing the splendor of the palace when night comes.

8. Hue music in Huong River

Hue music is a precious mental food. The boat floats along the river under the romantic moon. What would be more wonderful than listening to Hue music. The Hue music night is often started since 7 p.m.

9. Royal Food

Coming to Hue, one interesting activity is tasting the royal food – a style of food that was used to serve the Nguyen royal dynasty in more than a century. The food is always noble, essence, sophisticated, etc.