Quang Ba flower market night in Hanoi

At 2 a.m as night comes and sleeping still covers the streets of Hanoi, the burden flowers from everywhere flock to Quang Ba flower market night, Tay Ho. Noisy and busy, the florist fresh flower market focus on this focal. From the dyke overlooking the market, closely the flower stall at the street lights blurred and flashlights at the show’s glimmering buyers. Flower arrangement is a habit, and a culture of Hanoi.

Visit Hanoi that night flower market is not  going to ignore a very special culture of the land and the Trang An people. Each of session was divided into two sessions markets clear. From at 2 a.m to at 4 a.m is the time to wholesale florists. The flowers bloom the bud is cut up in the evening, wrapped it carefully and bring the wholesale market. After 4 a.m, the market for wholesale florist  peddlers, who comes to visit the flower market or the shop owner. In the market, flowers are everywhere, in the simple buckets, the saddle of the old motorcycle or bamboo stalls. Rose petals soft and fragrant, shaking the early morning mist, petals tremble Luu Ly flower, fragrant flowers all market areas. Each of season, the brilliantly markets of different flower colors. On New Year’s night-time most vibrant flower market, flower market filled with peach branches,  Lay On bundles , Dahlia flowers and violet flowers. Night flower market in the presence of the most famous florists Tay Tuu, Tu Liem, Me Linh and far away places like Da Lat flowers or even China, the Netherlands. Dawn, has been selected the flowers, the florist carrying in the streets.The bike laden with flowers radiating in the morning road, past the old men early do exercise windy Lake West, through the food stall prepare to move goods … City woke up surprised in the beauty of flowers.