Superyacht Archimedes docks in Vietnam

Superyacht Archimedes appeared on the Han River, Da Nang city of Vietnam, on January 6, stunning people and tourists with its luxury.

On the morning of January 6, Da Nang people and tourists suddenly saw a superyacht worth millions of USD at the Han River Port (Bach Dang Street). This is superyacht Archimedes (UK) – one of 100 leading yachts in the world, worth tens of millions of US dollars.

The five-star yacht was launched in 2009 in the Netherlands. Archimedes is nearly 70m in length, 13m wide, with two swimming-pools, a kitchen and luxury bedrooms. The yatch has a tonnage of 1,500 tons, equipped with two diesel engines to help it reach the maximal speed of 16 miles per hour.

Archimedes superyacht is owned by an American businessman, but it bears British nationality. The yatch is now in Vietnam during a journey from Nha Trang to Da Nang and Ha Long Bay before returning to Hong Kong. The yatch was in Da Nang from January 5-7.

In the journey to Da Nang, the superyacht carries 20 people, including eight visitors and 10 staff on board. The yatch left Da Nang to Ha Long Bay on January 7.