Travel time for North-South passenger trains to change from 09/2014

Mr. Nguyen Van Binh, Deputy Director of of the Hanoi Railway Passenger Transport Company, said to reduce traffic congestion in big cities during peak hours, the railway sector will adjust the travel time of north-south trains.

Accordingly. the SE1 train will depart from the Hanoi railway station at 19:30 instead of 1900 and the SE7 will depart from 6am instead of 6:15am.

In addition, some trains will stop at additional stations in the south.

According to the new schedule, for the Hanoi – Saigon route, the SE1 train will depart at 19:30 and arrive in Saigon at 4h39; the SE3 train will depart at 2200 and arrive at 5h20; the SE5 train will depart at 9am and arrive at 20h03; the SE7 train will depart at 6am and arrive at 16h05; and the TN1 train will depart at 13h10 and arrive at 2h30.

For the Saigon – Hanoi route, the SE2 train will depart at 19:30 and arrive in Hanoi at 4h50; the SE4 train at 22 pm and 5:30 am; the SE6 train at 9am and 19h58; the SE8 train at 6am and 15h33; and the TN2 train at 13h10 and 3:30 pm.