Valentine’s Day on February 14 coincides with Tet Holiday

Lovers, however, may have different plans. Being a holiday, couples can spend more time together, travel and enjoy spring. Favorite destinations may include warm beaches in the central region and the blooming blossoms of northern mountainous provinces.

Others, who travel far from each other to spend Tet with their families, may feel a little lonely but Dao Minh Chi, 28, said this was not necessarily a problem. Absence made the heart grow fonder and separated couples could exchange gifts before or after the event and remember each other in a phone-call on the day.

“My boyfriend and I come from different provinces, nearly 100km from each other,” Chi said. “However, this year he will come to visit my family at Tet and I will introduce him to my parents. He will have a meal with my family. Although we won’t have any private time to hang out, I think we are lucky.”

Chi said that to give a special gift, maybe a hand-made one, to a partner who was not with you on the big day would make him/her feel by your side.

Married couple Anh Ha and Tuan Anh, from Hanoi, said they would celebrate Valentine’s Day with the fruit of their love, their son.

“I will celebrate with my little family somewhere romantic,” Ha said. “I won’t worry about the price because it will be a moment with my beloved husband and son. I have prepared special gifts for them and I look forward to receiving a yellow rose on the day to mark our 16th anniversary.”

Around the street markets and shops, Valentine’s goods take second place to products for Tet. Last year couples had many choices of gifts. Traditional presents included chocolate, teddy bears and jewelry.

Thanh Hang, an owner of a souvenir shop on Chua Lang Street, in Ha Noi, said postcards had become passe.

“People prefer sending e-cards, messages or emails to their lovers rather than a card,” she said.

Meanwhile, the on-line market seems busy, with Valentine’s gift deliveries and services on offer, such as sending songs and organising romantic dinners. The day for lovers falling on the Tet holiday seems to be a blessing for many, who can express love and care for each other in a holiday atmosphere, whether together or in the bosom of family.