Vietnam in the tops of low-cost travel in 2014

With only $7 in hand, a visitor to Vietnam can rent a room for one night, enjoy a delicious bowl of pho and down a cool glass of beer, according to Skyscanner. Travel site Skyscanner has published a list of the 10 cheapest destinations in 2014, and ranks Vietnam in first place. Below are Skyscanner’s top ten cheapest destinations in the world:

1. Vietnam

In addition to low occupancy rates in cities, Vietnam is known by foreign tourists as a destination where tourists can easily enjoy the culinary art at reasonable prices.

2. Indonesia

Indonessia with Bali as the focal point is regarded as a reasonable choice for leisure travel. This place is not only a beautiful island with glittering temples and stretching beaches, but prices that are very affordable.

3. Gambia

Gambia is a small country in Africa but if you come here, you will surely be welcomed professionally for an affordable price. The entrance fee to the national park to see chimpanzees, baboons and other wildlife is 80 cents. The room rate here is considered low.

4. Bulgaria

The windy and sunny beaches in Bulgaria and cheap prices for food and hotel rooms are the big advantages for tourists visiting this country. According to Skyscanner, tourists just have to pay $33.5/day for all expenses, including the resort.

5. Hungary

Budapest (Hungary) is regarded as one of the most beautiful cities in the world, attracting thousands of tourists each year. Tourists pay a maximum of $42/day to learn about the ancient castles, parks full of trees and the vibrant nightlife at this place.

6. India

The daily cost for a tourist in India is about $6.70 including accommodation, meals and drinks. One of the favorite destinations of tourists is the flea market of Anjuna, with its cheap and plentiful commodities.

7. Turkey

If you fancy Mediterranean sunshine but don’t want to spend too much money, go to Turkey, where visitors have the opportunity to eat traditional and famous doner kebabs, as well as visit interesting historical relics. The cost for a day is considered suitable to the wallets of ordinary people.

8. Cambodia

As the home to one of the seven wonders of the world, Angkor Wat, Cambodia has long been a favorite tourist destination of many people.

9. Latvia

Capital Riga, Latvia is an interesting destination for international travelers for relaxing over the weekend. It has a vibrant nightlife and stunning architecture. For about $84, you can have two fun weekend days at this place.

10. Honduras

Prices for luxury services in Honduras are much cheaper than for its neighbor Costa Rica. Besides luxury resorts, Honduras also has plenty of cheap motels. Here you can enjoy the feeling of cheap driving service and free tour to visit the famous ruins of the Maya.