Vietnam – the famous “dark destination” of the world

“Dark tourism” is a new famous trend in travel and tourism. In the famous destinations of “dark tourism”, Cu Chi tunnels, Vinh Moc tunnels and My Lai village are mostly mentioned.

The cold and fear experiences not only attract tourists in Halloween. There is a new trend in tourism that more and more visitors are interested in, which is so-called “dark tourism” – tourism to the destinations of scared historical events.

People did not think much about the destinations like nuclear disaster suffering place, a house with many murders, or a room of executing criminal to death while planning for a vacation.

For many people, these destinations are terrifying; however, that are the ideal place for others. People often find these destinations to experience the strong feelings what you cannot obtain just by walking along the beach or lying in the hotel room.

There are many types of “dark tourism” destinations: natural disasters, historical sad events, terrifying matter, etc.

Famous “dark tourism” destinations

People often know about Cu Chi and Vinh Moc tunnels – two famous tunnels that relates to the liberation war of Vietnam in American war.

My Lai village in Son My, Quang Ngai is also a famous destination. There are many massacres in this area, then hundreds of innocent villagers were killed during the American war including children and women.

There are many other “dark tourism” destinations in the world like the Jew concentration camp Auschwitz-Birkeneau in Poland, Killing fields in Cambodia, Ground Zero in America, etc.

Auschwitz Birkenau in Poland – prison of genocide of a million of Jew under Nazi Germany.

Toul Sleng prision, Phnom Penh – Cambodia, genocide site of Khmer Rouge in 1970

The memorial ground of flight no 93 of United Airlines. The flight shoot down the field in Stonycreek city, Pennsylvania state in 11 Sep 2001 in the terrorist attack.

Peace memorial in Hiroshima city, Japan to commemorate 14,000 victims of the nuclear bomb disaster in 1945. There is a building body kept after being attacked by the bomb.

Some travel companies in Japan plan to turn the areas near Fukushima Daiichi power plants into “Dark Tourism” destination.