Vietnam Tourism Year focuses on Red River region

Hosted by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, the annual event aims to promote national tourism and connect it with socio-economic development. “The National Tourism Year has now come to this region and will highlight the outstanding value of the Red River Civilisation,” remarked Minister of Culture, Sport and Tourism Hoang Anh Tuan at the launch ceremony.

He said the event will enable the sustainable development of the region’s unique culture and improve ecotourism along with connecting other heritage sites and biosphere reserves across the country, promoting quality tourism.

This year’s event follows the National Tourism Year 2012 for the north-central coastal region that recently drew to a close in Hue City.

According to Chairman of the Hai Phong City People’s Committee Duong Anh Dien, all the cities and provinces of the Red River Delta region have diverse natural landscapes.

The Delta is a cradle of the wet rice civilisation and is proud of its outstanding cultural and historical value. Numerous significant architectural relics, traditional festivals and ancient villages have cemented the region’s unique and rich culture, he said.

The National Tourism Year 2013 will provide an opportunity for Hai Phong and other cities in the region to strengthen their regional cooperation and offer more tourism services.

To mark the event, Hai Phong will organise several activities such as a lion dancing performance, fishing contest and a festival at Trang Trinh Temple.