Visit Cu Chi tunnels

Cu Chi tunnels locates in Phu My Hung ward, north of Cu Chi district and about 70km from Ho Chi Minh city. This is the defense system with full of 200km of tunnels of infirmary, living room, kitchens, stores, working rooms.

This secret system was made in the French war (1948) with only 17km. After 1960, the system is still being consolidated with more than 200km and three floors. The deepest one is from 8-10m. Visitors will see the liberation soldier wearing broad-brimmed hat, female guerilla soldier wear loose-fitting blouse and bandanna. Coming to the uninterrupted tunnels, the system that cover soldiers and people of Vietnamese, you will see the videos of battles and histories.

Cu Chi tunnels is in the fighting history of Vietnamese people. This is currently an attracting tourist destination with the system of reappearing the liberation area, Ben Duoc tunnel, tribute memorials, etc. There is also an area of amusement ground. There are not only domestic but also international visitors coming to this area day by day to see the history and the nature. The interesting thing is that when you visit Hoang Cam kitchen in one of the tunnels, you will taste the simple of rice, boiled cassava, seasame or vegetable.

This is also the venue for many celebrations of history remarks. Recently, youth union has  come and tribute the martyrs. This is the chance for oversea Vietnamese and visitors to know more about the tradition of the nation, to love and to have strong attach to this land.